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Mind Wellness Awaits You

Discover Cognitive Behavior Therapy as one of the most effective forms of therapy in the world of mental health, CBT is known worldwide for its positive and healing effects of the mind.  I invite you to take a step into a new way of seeing and feeling as you discover the best version of yourself.



Discover and embrace

a new way of being and feeling

Explore your inner self to become the best version of yourself

Your Blooming Mind was born of the notion that each one of us is a unique mind that needs to grow and bloom in its own unique way as we go through life. Discover and embrace your true self and face whatever is in your way to becoming the authentic you. 

You can start here.. a safe place to be​

​Cognitive Behavior Therapy is a pillar of Modern Applied Psychology and has helped people to overcome and thrive through their individual circumstances and experiences to help overcome the unserving way of thinking and lead you to a healthier way of mind matters.

Discover new ways of dealing with life matters

If we don’t let our minds grow, flourish and learn a new way of thinking ,with time, we can become stagnant and stunted in growth, our living, our relationships and life itself.

My story

Liz LaMorte

As I have had a passionate interest in the human mind ever since I can remember, my desire to pursue the deep journey of the ever intriguing human brain, our behaviors and all of its complexities, bring me to the real work of human interactions and it’s effect on all of us.

The human connection is one of the most important elements of our lives which can be ever nurturing or become self destructive.

The more you learn of your capabilities as a fully developed human the better you will navigate your way through life that will best serve you and your peace of mind.

Cognitive Behavior Therapy Practitioner

The life we live encompasses so much of the outer world that we can become versions of ourselves we don't even recognize and be on a path not mindfully chosen. It can become overwhelming with not much desire to be there. When you do find yourself in the turbulence of life, you may become more present, to clearly see yourself and your world as is. I am here to be on that journey with you, to let you feel, discover, heal and embrace all that you need to let your mind expand and bloom to a better way of being and feeling. 

“Mind yourself to better mind others”

Responsibility breeds   Empowerment

Your thoughts create your reality​

                   Goal Orientated Sessions

   Go through a discovery of achieving 

a specific goal despite your circumstances​

                   Issue Orientated Sessions

Modifying your mental processing which affects your reality


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